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re: Holy Paladin Build


This is the build for my holy paladin. I find that using this build it is very easy to specifically heal a main or off-tank or to heal (small to medium) groups of people. All of my heals have increased critical chance and when they do crit they cost less mana, heal for more & make other heals faster. When using seal of wisdom and justice of light I can help keep a raid group topped up from healing distance (40 yards) with the Enlightened Judgements from the Holy tree and Improved Judgements from the ret tree means I can cast it every 8 seconds. As an added bonus whenever I use a judgement my haste rating is increased making my heals even faster. The only downside is that with faster heals holy light can drain your mana very fast if your flashes of light aren't doing the job. In this case it's always a good idea to use Divine Illumination (decreases all mana costs by half) to keep your mana from falling too low. Another handy mana regenerator that all paladins have is Divine Plea which regenerates 25% of your total mana but decreases healing for the duration of regen. This is best used once you have healed a main tank to full health and can be sure that your reduced heals will still be able to keep the group alive, personally I always activate Avenging Wrath at the same time to counteract the healing reduction. Beacon of Light can be a wipe-saver if you notice that an off-tank is taking a bit too much damage or if you want to heal yourself whilst healing the group etc.
As for the glyphs I have used, all of my healing mana costs are further reduced thanks to Major Glyph: Seal of Wisdom . With Major Glyph: Holy Light my holy light will heal players surrounding the target with up to 10% which I think is a variable percentage as I have seen the target receive a 16k crit holy light which gave every surrounding player an 8k heal as well. The minor glyphs I have used aren't majorly important but the Minor Glyph: Lay On Hands is handy (no pun intended) when used in conjunction with Improved Lay On Hands as the cooldown is reduced to 11 mins as opposed to 20 mins.
Hope this helps any up-and-coming healadins.

Bold are talents
Italics are regular Paladin skills
Underline are Glyphs
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